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Ergo Computing, IT Manufacturer, save est. £74 per PC/Yr

Data Synergy PowerMAN Power Manager allows Ergo Computing to save £74 per PC

Ergo Computing UK Ltd is a manufacturer of PC equipment located in Nottingham. Historically the company encourages staff to turn off unused equipment but has never formally implemented an energy monitoring or enforcement policy. Ergo were keen to see what they could save using PowerMAN Power Manager.

"Before we found PowerMAN we didn't really know how much waste there was. We asked users to turn off equipment and were really surprised when we found how much kit was left on" - David Irwin, Support Manager

Prior to the deployment of PowerMAN Ergo was divided into three distinct business areas. Each was monitored during May 2008 to establish an energy usage profile:

Ergo before Data Synergy PowerMAN Power Manager

"PowerMAN gave us the flexibility to save energy without harming productivity"

A basic PowerMAN configuration was introduced to the Production and Logistics area. The deployment was configured to suspend inactive computers after one hour of inactivity. This time was chosen to avoid inconvenience to users whilst removing most waste. The installation was monitored again over the subsequent month and resulted in the following, reduced, energy usage profile:

Ergo after Data Synergy PowerMAN Power Manager

During the monitoring period PowerMAN reduced the number of waste hours by 5178 (80%).

"The level of reduction was so great that a typical day wasted the same energy previously wasted during the Easter weekend when we manually turned all the computers off (we missed one computer)"

Ergo before and after Data Synergy PowerMAN power manager

The equipment at Ergo was analyzed and the following found:

  • Production / Logistics PC (based on sample of 5) were standard desktop computers with TFT displays. Idle energy consumption was around 125W
Based upon an energy consumption of 125W, a cost of £0.0659 / kWh, and a 51 week operation year (with one week factory shutdown) the savings were estimated to be:
  • 32,800 kWh per annum
  • £74 per PC per year
  • 14,100 kg CO2
Ergo waste before Data Synergy PowerMAN Power Manager