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PowerMAN at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

"The effect...was dramatic, particularly on public workstations"

"The real time data gives the school a great way to monitor if these initiatives are having the desired effect."

Data Synergy PowerMAN at Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford


LSHTM is committed to reducing its energy consumption and has set challenging targets to meet in this area, including a commitment to the 10:10 campaign.

While ICT accounts for around 2% of global carbon emissions, within HEIs it can account for between 20-30% through use by staff and students. In order to help minimise the consumption across departments within LSHTM, a PowerMAN solution, to monitor PC activity and implement remote shutdown when PCs were not in use, was installed.

The PowerMAN software creates detailed reports and graphs showing when individual machines or groups of computers are in active use, logged in but idle, on but not logged in, or powered off. Additionally, it provides the ability to implement actual power-saving measures such as shutting down PCs, putting machines into standby and turning off monitors when a computer is idle or not in use

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LSHTM PowerMAN PC power management software case study LSHTM PC power management case study

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