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Saipem S.p.A, Oil & Gas Industry, saving est. 374 MWh/yr

"This initiative results in a reduction in energy consumption during periods when PCs are inactive, such as during lunch breaks and meetings, and especially at night if users forget to switch off their computers before leaving the office."

Saipem S.p.A. is an Italian-based oil and gas industry contractor. The company is a subsidiary of multinational energy company Eni, which owns approximately 43% of Saipem's shares. Saipem provides oil and gas related services worldwide. The company is currently involved in the design and construction of several pipelines, including Blue Stream, Greenstream, Nord Stream and South Stream.

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Sustainability Programme

Saipem has an on-going sustainability programme. The company launch the 'Green PC' initiative with the goal of reducing energy consumption from idle PC workstations.

Project Implementation

The project started with an audit of the Fano office (Italy), where the PowerMAN software was installed on a sample of PCs from different departments. The process was entirely transparent to users and indicated that significant savings could be made.

Estimated energy savings from PowerMAN software at Saipem, Oil & Gas Industry

Project Results

Following the initial audit Saipem enabled the active power management features of PowerMAN. The software delivered a significant reduction from 6.3 to 2.8 in the average number of hours that PCs were inactive each day.

Saipem have now rolled out PowerMAN to over 5,000 workstations. During the first year the company estimated that 319 MWh would be saved annually. This is the equivalent of 143.7 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

A subsequent project review found that the savings were actually greater. The company now estimates that 374 MWh are saved annually. This is the equivalent of 161 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The project continues to expand and was recently extended to a further 2,000 workstations in France.

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We are very grateful to Futurambiente Srl, PowerMAN solutions provider in Italy and France, for the assistance in preparing this case study.