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PowerMAN Enterprise PC Power Management Reporting

The optional PowerMAN web-based reporting solution is available as either standalone, on-premise, software or as a hosted (cloud) reporting service. It is also available as a standalone product called PowerMON.The system reports both live and historic workstation asset and power usage related information in a variety of easily accessible graphical and tabular formats. Both reporting solutions offer exactly the same reporting features:

  • The hosted (cloud) reporting service can be setup in minutes and will securely report power statistics directly to cloud platform. This removes the need for a local server and associated backups. Hosted reporting is included free for the first year with all PowerMAN purchases.
  • The on-premise PowerMAN Enterprise Server reporting software is particularly suitable for larger organisations and keeps all information in-house. The system offers an open database model that is ideal for further integration or development of custom queries.

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PowerMAN Enterprise Reporting

Reporting features

  • Detailed PC hardware asset and utilization information
  • Historical measurement of efficiency and waste over weeks, months or even years
  • Live dashboard of workstation status and availability
  • Reports true hours/minutes of activity and estimated cost and CO2 equivalents
  • Groups computers by area, function or location and drill-down to individual PCs
  • Optionally, collect hardware information such as PC make/model, CPU, RAM, BIOS revision, OS and free space
  • Rank computers by inactivity level and highlights the most and least wasteful workstations
  • Displays data graphically and allows data download in Excel compatible format
  • Provides multiple access security levels and only collects anonymous data. Does not create any privacy or data confidentiality issues and provides
  • Minimal network overhead and storage requirements. There is no practical limit to historic data retention.