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Free IT Energy Audit

Data Synergy IT Energy Audit

Get an independent report showing achievable IT energy savings.

We provide this service free for UK organisations with 5,000 computers or more. For smaller organisations, we will refund the cost of the audit against any other purchase from us.

Data Synergy's specialist engineers can analyse your IT systems, profile usage patterns, talk to your technical team, meet your users, and provide you with a detailed written report showing what you could save by more effective IT energy management.

The audit provides a comprehensive review of your IT energy issues and includes:
  • Energy aware IT purchasing
  • Existing energy mitigation strategies
  • Minimizing waste during deployment and update cycles
  • Benchmarking of live systems
  • Baselining user activity patterns
  • Maximizing user productivity
  • Recommendations for change
  • Projected energy and cost savings
  • A business case for future investment including Data Synergy solutions

Get the full picture

The process isn’t a quick gimmick – we will spend several days spread over a month to talk to your staff, review your systems and measure current energy efficiency. We use our PowerMON software to benchmark your systems and combine this with other data to give you a complete picture of where you currently stand. At the conclusion you will have all the figures you need to make informed IT energy management decisions.

Some IT energy audits only look at a cross section of computers – if possible we like to monitor all systems and gather data over several weeks to give you the full picture.

A typical audit includes:

Time Action
Week One Meet with your IT staff and map out your existing systems
Meet your IT purchasing team and review existing purchasing criteria
Review existing energy mitigation strategies
Install monitoring software to benchmark live systems
Week Two Further discussion with IT staff - review deployment and update policies
Sample existing PC energy requirements
Review initial data from monitoring software
Week Three Remove monitoring software
Week Four Deliver independent report

About Us

Every member of our technical team has at least 20 years' experience managing large IT enterprises and computer deployments. We apply our experience to your organisation to give you an independent picture of what is going on and what can be improved.

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