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Salix NHS Finance Programme

Data Synergy PowerMAN PC power management software for the NHS

Salix operates a funding programme specifically targeted at the needs of NHS Trust hospitals. The project aims to reduce Trust CO2 emissions through improvements in energy efficiency. This reduces both energy bills and CO2 emissions.

NHS IT energy efficiency projects, such as Data Synergy's PowerMAN PC power management software, can play a significant and highly visible role in contributing to the NHS "Net Zero" plan to reduce its carbon emissions in line with the UK Climate Change Act.

Data Synergy and our leading industry supply partners have extensive experience of delivering IT energy efficiency projects in the NHS. Please see our NHS case studies for some practial examples. Please contact us to discuss how Salix Finance could be used to fund an IT energy efficiency project without upfront capital expenditure.

"The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy for England published in 2009, estimates the NHS carbon footprint in England to be approximately 18 million tonnes of CO₂. This represents 25% of all public sector emissions and 3.2% of total emissions in England. With the strategy target for the NHS to reduce its carbon emissions by 10% by 2015, and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in place, reducing carbon emissions and capturing cost savings has become an increasingly important issue for the NHS" - Salix / NHS & Emergency Services

Data Synergy PowerMAN PC power management software saving Sheffield NHS Hospitals