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Welcome to the Diskman website. This is the personal site of James Clark. To contact me please click here.

I am an electronics/software engineer based in the UK. I currently work for a company called Data Synergy developing and supporting system management tools.

I have a particular interest in disks / forensics and when I have time have created a few small software tools in this area.

Recent related projects have included:

Diskman4 (1999-2004)

Diskman was a non-commercial DOS-based software project I developed from 1999-2004. The last release was Diskman4.

Diskman is no longer under development. The following downloads are provided for historical reasons and are not provided with any support.

Diskman4 Diskman4.2(A3) Last Release

Useful Links

Diskman 4 Manual
Diskman 4 Command Reference
Diskman 4 Examples

Diskman is not not endorsed or supported by Data Synergy. Please click here to find out more about Data Synergy commerical products

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I endeavour to respond to all polite questions but please don’t be surprised if I suggest you read the documentation!

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