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Purchasing Options

Data Synergy software products are currently available for purchase under four licence schemes:
  • Less than 1,000 computers in blocks of 10 client licences
  • Over 1,000 computers in blocks of 100 client licences
  • Bespoke Licence for larger organisations and customised versions
  • PrintMAN is available on a per-site basis
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Unless stated otherwise all purchases include the following:
  • Option of either annual or perpetual license models
  • One year of upgrades / software assurance (lifetime with annual model)
  • Significant discounts for larger purchases
  • No domain, site or location limits regardless of the number of computers
  • Cumulative purchase price promise - you always pay the lowest price
  • Upgrade from PowerMON to PowerMAN for only the cost difference
  • Clear and stable licensing model
  • Telephone and email deployment assistance
  • Lifetime telephone and email support

We also offer a range of configuration, data integration and bespoke development services to give you the maximum value from our products.

PowerMAN Hosted Reporting

One year of optional hosted reporting is included free with all direct Data Synergy PowerMAN purchases.

Further years of hosted reporting can be purchased, in blocks of either 10 or 100 computers, for a small additional cost. The reporting is optional and the client software will, of course, continue to function without it.

Software Assurance

All of our products are supplied with one year of automatic software upgrades. Following this period we may supply updated software releases at our discretion. To ensure continued access to updated product releases after the initial year you may purchase an optional Software Assurance and Maintenance Package.

This provides guaranteed access to all new releases as they become available on the following basis:

  • One additional year (two years in total) – 20% of purchase cost
  • Three additional years (four years in total) – 50% of purchase cost
  • Priority support - Automatic escalation to our UK based, developer-backed, Support Team
  • Annual PowerMAN Deployment Review – Review existing deployment, statistics and policies with recommendations for improvement (where appropriate)

Discounts and Surcharges

Data Synergy products are currently available with the following sector-specific discounts:
  • UK Education Sector 20%
  • UK Registered Charities 20%

We accept payment by bank transfer, (UK) cheque and PayPal. Please note there is a 4% transaction surcharge for PayPal payments.

Financing, Procurement Frameworks and Supply Partners

Data Synergy products are available for purchase through number of UK public sector purchasing frameworks and leading industry supply partners. These frameworks provide a convenient, pre-approved, procurement mechanism and in many cases will avoid the requirement for a complex tendering process.

For UK public sector customers, Data Synergy’s PowerMAN PC Power Management product can also be funded with interest free loans operated by Salix Finance.

Free Software

Some Data Synergy software tools are available free-of-charge for personal and private usage (registration required). This excludes any use for financial gain, during employment or other commercial activity.

Please contact us to discuss commerical usage. In some cases this may be free-of-charge.

License Fair Use Policy

All Data Synergy software is licensed based upon the number of concurrent computers (or in some cases users) running the software at any one time. You may permanently transfer licences provided that the number of simultaneous instances does not exceed your licensed limits.

Data Synergy understands that it may sometimes be necessary to migrate software licenses when replacing existing equipment or similar. In some cases this may result in a temporary increase in the number of deployed software instances beyond the licensed limits. We operate a fair usage policy and permit this provided that such incidents are the result of genuine system maintenance work, are temporary in nature and do not exceed 10% of total licenses or more than 14 days duration. In all other circumstances, Data Synergy reserves the right to invoice for additional software licenses consumed.

Please remember that you may be asked to confirm the number of workstations or users currently running a product when obtaining an updated product key or technical support.

Please contact us for specific product pricing.