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This product has been discontinued: PowerMAN 5.2.x and later includes a built-in user interface and opt-out feature.

Standalone User Override Tool - PowerCONFIG

Data Synergy PowerConfig Tool

The Power Configuration Tool (PowerCONFIG) is designed to complement PowerMAN v5.1.x and earlier. The tool is intended for situations where the user requires the computer to remain powered-on regardless of the activity level.

The administrator specified power configuration can be overridden in the following ways:

  • Manual setting to prevent sleep/shutdown
  • Prevent sleep/shutdown when specified protected program(s) are running
  • Prevent sleep/shutdown when specified protected file(s) exists
  • Disabled centrally configured power policy from applying
  • Keep the screen on
  • Prevent screen saver from activating
  • Keep the system active when the Server service is running

Data Synergy PowerCONFIG Menu

PowerCONFIG also allows the administrator to pre-configure the following options:
  • Policy based configuration of protected programs and files
  • Enable/disable features available to user

Data Synergy PowerCONFIG Administrator Configuration

PowerCONFIG prevents Windows power management from operating by preventing the system from entering the idle state. PowerCONFIG will not prevent a user or third-party program from deliberately shutting down or suspending the computer.

PowerCONFIG is included with Power Manager but is installed as a separate application to maximise configuration flexibility.

Regular use of the PowerCONFIG tool will reduce the energy efficiency of the PC and therefore increase the running cost. The program should only be used where absolutely required. PowerMAN offers other features such as Remote and Scheduled Wake which may be used to activate a PC when access is required whilst still maintaining energy efficiency.

Current Data Synergy PowerCONFIG Manual PowerCONFIG Manual v5.0.5