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WoLMAN Wake-on-LAN Command Line Tool

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Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a technique used to remotely power-on or resume computer equipment. WoL is platform independent and supported by most modern computers including both IBM compatible PCs and Apple Mac based systems. WoL is implemented using a special type of network message or packet. There are practical and security considerations to implementing WoL in an enterprise network.

The free Data Synergy WoLMAN command-line tool is designed for testing and debugging common WoL scenarios. It allows various types of WoL packet to be sent and includes a convenient ‘listen’ function that can report if a WoL packet was actually received.

Data Synergy WakeMyPC provides a refined implementation of WoL via a web-based Wake-on-LAN gateway service. The software allows users to wake workstations using familiar computer and user names. The software uses a variety of network techniques to transparently support WoL in almost all networks.

There is further information on the WoL protocol in Data Synergy Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Explained Data Synergy Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Explained


WoLMAN is command-line tool. It is supplied as a single EXE file and requires no external dependencies to function. WoLMAN is supported on Windows XP and later operating systems.

The command-line syntax is:

  WOLMAN mode [options]

Where mode is one of the following:

  /INFO - Display local network information
  /SEND - Send WOL packet (Requires MAC)
  /PING - Send PING packet (Requires IP)
  /LISTEN - Listen for remote WOL packet
  /SLEEPNOW - Sleep computer pending resume
  /HIBERNATENOW - Hibernate computer pending resume
  /SHUTDOWNNOW - Shutdown computer pending power-on

WoLMAN supports the following send options. These may be used to qualify the type of WoL packet sent:

  /SENDLOCAL - Send using local broadcast (Default)
  /SENDSUBNET - Send using subnet directed broadcast
  /SENDDIRECT - Send using directed packet
  /SENDALL - Send using all available methods

The following additional options may be used in various supported combinations:

  /MAC:macaddr - MAC address of PC to wake
  /IP:ipaddress - IP Address for listen / directed packet
  /SUBNET:mask - Subnet mask for directed broadcast
  /PORT:port - Specifies port for WOL packet
  /SENDWAIT - Wait for target computer response
  /LISTENALL - Report all WOL packets received

Further usage information and scenarios are included in the WoLMAN manual.