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DiskDUMP Disk Utility

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Data Synergy DiskDUMP is a Windows command-line utility to export/display disk sectors. The software can process either single or multiple sectors from disk devices or raw image files and output either a raw binary or hex dump. Additionally sectors can be displayed using a boot sector or partition table template.

An unusual capability of DiskDUMP is the ability to access disk sectors using standard linear (LBA) or legacy (CHS) address addressing. The software can emulate CHS translation and therefore access a sector using any addressing/translation scheme required. This can be particularly useful when working with image files or where the original hardware is no longer available.

DiskDUMP has the following requirements:

  • Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Administrator rights (elevated on Windows Vista and later) for disk/volume access

Using DiskDUMP for "Disk Mapping"

A typical use for DiskDUMP is to perform a disk "mapping" task. To do this proceed as follows:

  1. Display root partition table

    e.g. DISKDUMP /PARTTABLE "image.bin"

  2. Examine partition table

  3. Display subsequent boot record

    e.g. DISKDUMP /BOOTSECT /SECTOR:0x3f "image.bin"

  4. Follow subsequent partition

    e.g. DISKDUMP /PARTTABLE /SECTOR:0xb5200 "image.bin"
    or    DISKDUMP /PARTTABLE /CHS:0x80,0,1 "image.bin"

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 as required


DiskDUMP is command-line tool. It is supplied as a single EXE file and requires no external dependencies to function.

The command-line syntax is:

  DISKDUMP action [options] [file|device|volume]]

Where action may be:

  /LIST - List available devices
  /HEX - Display sector(s) as hex (default)
  /PARTTABLE - Display legacy partition table(s)
  /BOOTSECT - Display detected boot record
  /INFO - Display information about file/device
  /EXPORT:filename - Export sector(s) as binary

Valid options:

  /SECTOR:sector - LBA sector number (default is 0). Not with /CHS
  /CHS:c,h,s - CHS sector number (default is 0,0,1). Not with /SECTOR
  /EMULATE:h,s - Emulated heads/sectors for /CHS (default 127,63)
  /NUM:number - Number of sectors (default is 1). Use 0 for all
  /SECTORSIZE:bytes - Emulated sector size (default is 512). Not with devices

Numeric values may be decimal or hexadecimal. Prefix hexadecimal with '0x'


  DISKDUMP /HEX image.bin
  DISKDUMP /EXPORT:bootsect.bin \\.\Z:

Personal/Non-commercial License

Use of this software is subject to the Data Synergy UK Ltd Software License Agreement. A copy of this agreement is included with the software. Please do not use the software if you do not consent to the following:

Personal License/Non-commercial License authorises you to use this software for your own personal and private use and excludes any use for financial gain, during employment or other commercial activity in accordance with the Data Synergy EULA.

Please contact us to discuss commercial usage. In some cases this may be granted free-of-charge.