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Data Synergy Hex Editor

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Data Synergy Hex Editor is a simple and effective hex / disk editor.

In addition to typical editing features the software also supports hex viewing of remote via the HTTP protocol. We believe this is a unique capability for a freely available tool.

Current features include:

  • Open/Edit files / disks
  • View remote files (via HTTP)
  • Supports unlimited file sizes
  • Clipboard/printer support for binary, hex and Hex Editor display
  • Support for ANSI, EBCDIC and Unicode character sets
  • Search using ANSI, EBCDIC, Unicode or hex
  • Comprehensive data interpreter including signed/unsigned, float, GUID, and numerous data formats

Hex Editor has the following requirements:
  • Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4
  • Administrator rights (elevated on Windows Vista and later) for disk/volume access


This software can be used to permanently modify data. This may prevent access to data that was previously accessible and may result in permanent data loss. This tool should be used with great care and Data Synergy accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the use of this software.

Personal/Non-commercial License

Use of this software is subject to the Data Synergy UK Ltd Software License Agreement. A copy of this agreement is included with the software. Please do not use the software if you do not consent to the following:

Personal License/Non-commercial License authorises you to use this software for your own personal and private use and excludes any use for financial gain, during employment or other commercial activity in accordance with the Data Synergy EULA.

Please contact us to discuss commercial usage. In some cases this may be granted free-of-charge.