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PowerMAN PC power management software

"We estimate this straightforward project, will save the Trust more than 350 tonnes of CO2 and £70,000 per year…Direct financial savings are achieved by reducing the energy being used by computers being left idle by users." - Phil Brennan, Estates Director, Sheffield NHS Teaching Hospitals

Data Synergy PowerMAN Power Manager is an advanced systems management tool giving organisations of all sizes a simple, effective and uniform solution to manage PC running costs and to monitor PC asset utilization. PowerMAN complements the built-in PC power management features of Microsoft Windows® by providing:

  • Comprehensive, centralised, configuration of PC power management
  • Multiple advanced power management features, beyond those available in Windows alone
  • Web-based, enterprise-wide reporting of PC assets, utilization and running costs

Best of breed solution

"I only know one PC power management software product that truly addresses our problems…PowerMAN" - Lisa Nelson, University of Liverpool

The unique combination of effective power management control and measurement reporting greatly enhances the savings available from reduced energy costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and lowered associated costs such as air conditioning and equipment wear. The result is significantly more saving than using Windows alone:

PowerMAN Cycle

PowerMAN builds upon the features available in Windows to deliver targeted power management that maximizes savings whilst avoiding any loss of productivity. The product’s innovative approach allows PC power features to be simply managed using familiar Windows tools. This dramatically reduces implementation time and delivers rapid results. PowerMAN’s unique web-based graphical system allows both IT and non-IT staff to easily monitor equipment utilization, measure progress and identify areas for further improvement. The reports are easy to understand and, if desired, can also be used to promote power and cost saving cultural change to IT users.