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PowerMAN Power Management Business Benefits

"This is a great opportunity to save a whole lot of money, but at a low cost" - Merry Rankin, Director of the Office of Sustainability, Iowa State University

PowerMAN is very cost effective and will deliver effective power management whilst maintaining user productivity. The solution will deliver the following business benefits:

  • Save up to 70% of PC energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Save up to £40-80 per PC/year (depending on hardware and energy cost)
  • Simple deployment with typical return on investment (RoI) in 3-6 months
  • Increase security and reduce network attack surface by powering down idle equipment
  • Flexible solution that overcomes common barriers to PC energy saving

The product is available with a free 30 day, no-obligation, evaluation. This will allow you to fully experience the powerful range of features available and measure the potential savings in your organisation. The evaluation is unlimited and we encourage you to use it on as many workstations as possible. The savings achievable can be estimated using our free savings calculator.

Flexible power management options

The power management suite is highly flexible and offers numerous power management policy options:

  • Rapid deployment using almost any industry standard technique
  • Flexible policies per-user, per-workstation or per-group
  • Mix/match techniques to work alongside user requirements and maximize productivity
  • Built-in wake-up support for patch management, anti-virus scans, and updates
  • Minimally intrusive to users and includes an optional user override tool
  • Uniform solution for all supported operating systems

Reporting suite

The optional reporting suite provides:

  • Management insight of workstation utilization, activity, waste and areas of best practice
  • Historical and live reporting per area, department or physical location
  • Measurement by time, estimated cost or CO2 equivalence
  • Informed decision making based upon reality and NOT guess work
  • Optional hosted (cloud) platform for ultra-rapid setup and low implementation cost