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Complementary PowerMAN features

Consider using the following additional options to improve results:
  • Default Policy – The power policy that applies at all times to all users unless a more specific policy is applicable. This policy allows a common standard to be quickly implemented.
  • No User Policy – It is often possible to use a more aggressive power management strategy when nobody is logged on. PowerMAN allows a distinct policy to be defined for this situation.
  • Logout Policy – Sometime operating environments (such as school or university computer rooms) have a very high turn-over of users. It would be inappropriate to enable an idle policy, whilst a user was logged on, in such environments as this may result in a computer being locked for subsequent users.

    A logout policy can be used in combination with the No User policy to ensure that the user is not logged on before the appropriate idle action occurs. This approach can also benefit usability because it allows Sleep or Hibernate to be configured as the idle action when no user is logged on which means the system can become available again to the next user in a reduced time.
  • Policy Enforcement – Sometimes the installed software may prevent the computer from becoming idle. As noted elsewhere in the documentation there are numerous legitimate reasons for this (such as a Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide show) where this is desirable. Unfortunately this can also happen when not intended and can result a significant additional amount of energy waste. If this appears to happen the policy enforcement feature may be used to configure an additional time, after the last user input, after which the idle action will be forced. Policy enforcement is enabled by default in PowerMAN v5.2 and later.
  • Scheduled Power Management – Alternatively, the scheduled shutdown/sleep/hibernate policy may be used as a „catch-all‟ policy to ensure that systems are shutdown or configured to use less energy at certain times of the day. This approach can prove very effective where the usage pattern is predictable.
  • Policy Preferences Feature – This feature allows users to participate in the power management strategy by selecting a policy from a menu provided by the system administrator. Whilst the options available are controlled by the system administrator this approach can increase user acceptance by offering users some degree of autonomy. PowerMAN Policy Preferences are available in release v5.2 and later.