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PowerMON PC Utilization Reporting

PowerMON PC Utilization Reporting allows you to quickly track your IT energy usage.
Using the powerful Data Synergy PowerMAN technology our low cost, monitoring-only, product is ideal for organisations that already have an energy reduction initiative

PowerMON Features

Maybe you already have a power saving initiative but want to know how well it is working?

PowerMON is a stand-alone monitoring product that includes the same powerful reporting features as the full PowerMAN software.

The reports show IT equipment usage throughout your enterprise and will quickly highlight problem areas. This information allows you to fine-tune your management policies and monitor your success. The reports are available around the clock in a variety of graphical and tabular formats suitable for presentation to senior executives and import into other systems.

PowerMON is available on an annual basis and includes access to our fully hosted reporting platform.

Hosted Reporting

PowerMON can be set up in minutes and will report power statistics directly to one of Data Synergy's servers. The system provides secure access to a range of web-based management reports and downloadable data. This service is suitable for organisations of all sizes and does not require you to purchase, install or configure any server.

Upgrade to PowerMAN

PowerMON can be easily upgraded to the full PowerMAN product. This allows you to implement a range of active power management policies to reduce your IT energy consumption. This great value option is available at anytime PowerMON is still active for only the cost difference between the two products.

Reporting Features

PowerMON delivers rapid overview

Get a quick overview of your entire organisation in summary format

Divide your organisation into convenient areas (for instance departments) and rapidly compare efficiency in each area

PowerMON delivers site wide reporting

Track performance over recent weeks and months

Spot trends and usage profiles

PowerMON shows estimated costs

Estimate the cost of your IT function

Track the cost of waste in both £s and CO2

PowerMON drill down

Drill down and see the worst (or best)

Highlight problems and investigate

PowerMON look at each computer

Look in detail at individual PCs and track their usage pattern

Use this information to make informed policy making decisions

PowerMON export to Excel

Export data in Microsoft Excel® compatible format and incorporate in your own reports or systems