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Data Synergy PrintMAN Printer Management

The Data Synergy PrintMAN Utility provides a reliable and consistent mechanism to configure the printers available at each Windows based workstation or physical location.

"PrintMAN does exactly what we need. I know no other solution that is as simple and effective."
- Dan Joslin, Network Manager, Sweyne Park School

"PrintMAN made possible what Group Policy made impossible: setting a default printer for a device. As an IT admin for an entire school district I wasted hours trying to set a default print for devices in Group Policy. If you have computers being utilized by multiple users then you have to get PrintMAN."
- Randy Wallace, Network Administrator, Smithville School District Data Synergy PrintMAN printer management software in the United States

The tool is necessary because Microsoft Windows assigns shared printers on a per-user basis. This behaviour is often undesirable in roaming user environments such as school classrooms, hospitals, or computer labs. In such an environment it is typically desirable for one printer to be associated with a particular physical location or group of workstations.

PrintMAN provides a simple solution to ensure the desired printer is always the default printer. The software reduces wasted print jobs, paper and toner resources caused by accidental or unauthorised printing to the wrong printer:
  • Assign default printer per workstation
  • Assignment based upon printer name and/or port (including wildcard support)
  • Deployed and configured via Group Policy, SCCM, Intune, SMS, or similar tool
  • Optionally delete non-default network printer connections
  • Supports Windows XP and later
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