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WakeMyPC remote access software

Reliable Wake-on-LAN made simple

Data Synergy's WakeMyPC software provides a reliable and convenient way for users and IT staff to remotely access workstations, including those that are turned-off or in a low-power state, via a simple web interface. Users can locate workstations by name or by searching for workstations they have recently logged into. This removes a signifiant barrier to successful remote access and also permits enhanced energy saving by allowing workstations to be put into a low-energy mode when not required. WakeMyPC therefore is an ideal companion to any power management initiative.

"Used in tandem WakeMyPC and PowerMAN save power whilst enabling secure remote wake-up and desktop connection from anywhere, with minimal user training and network changes. We believe this solution will be of benefit to the wider community." – University of Nottingham

WakeMyPC Enterprise Server is a fully featured enterprise-class product providing:

  • Ad-hoc workstation wake-up based upon just computer name, recent user name
  • Ad-hoc workstation wake-up by workstation group
  • Reliable support for complex network topologies, often with no network changes
  • Scriptable wake-up support for scheduled maintenance, AV scans or updates
  • Optional integration with Data Synergy PowerMAN and PowerMAN Enterprise Server

WakeMyPC is a standalone product that can be used to wake Windows, Apple and Linux based workstations. Data Synergy’s PowerMAN software can optionally be used alongside WakeMyPC. PowerMAN allows multiple power policies to be centrally deployed, enforced and monitored and gives organisations of all sizes a simple and effective solution to fully manage PC running costs.

WakeMyPC uses Wake-on-LAN (WoL) technology but unlike traditional WoL is both reliable and simple to use. To find out more please check the Technical details and FAQ pages.