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Maybe you are inspired by our products but need something more specialised?

Whether you are a university, a police force, or a county council Data Synergy can help solve your IT problems.

We have over ten years' experience developing innovative IT software solutions.

We have proven delivery expertise across a range of industry sectors and an excellent track record of delivering projects, both large and small, on time and to budget. We specialise in the following bespoke software development areas:
  • Requirements analysis, system design and specification
  • System deployment, inventory, management and security
  • Higher performance MS SQL database design, data-mining and reporting
  • C#, C and C++ development with particular focus on hardware / systems management
  • Data driven ASP.NET websites and legacy system re-factoring
  • User training and on-going support

Digital forensic solution for law enforcement

Data Synergy deliver forensic solution for major UK vendor Data Synergy was approached by a major UK digital forensics vendor to update their popular software tool used by law enforcement customers in the UK, US and worldwide.

Data Synergy’s technical team worked alongside the vendor to analyse the existing legacy source code and devise a plan to modernise the code base and implement significant new technical features. This was a sensitive assignment with the tool already in use and trusted by numerous law enforcement bodies. The major release was delivered on time and Data Synergy continues to act as technical consultants on the product.

Secure Laptop Solution for use in UK Prisons

Data Synergy deliver secure laptop solution for UK prisons A court ruling required HM Prison Service to give prisoners shared computer access for legal case preparation and appeals. The project posed some unique challenges in security, privacy and the allocation of staff resources.

Data Synergy's engineering team worked alongside a major laptop PC vendor to create a bespoke high security solution for prisoner use. Our solution allowed the PCs to be used only for the intended purpose whilst preventing abuse and avoiding unnecessary burdens on staff. The project was approved centrally by HMPS Security Group, piloted at HMP Belmarsh, standardised across the High Security Estate before national rollout to other UK Prisons. It has additionally been approved for use within Private Sector prisons.

Wake-on-LAN BIOS Agent for UK Police Force

Data Synergy deliver wake-on-lAN BIOS agent for Police Force A UK police force wanted to reduce energy costs by turning off unused computers at night time. The force identified Wake-on-LAN (WoL) as the key technology for implementing night time system updates and anti-virus scans. However, a major problem was identified at the outset – there was no apparent way to enable WoL without visiting each PC individually. This was impractical and not cost effective.

Data Synergy created a unique, Windows-based, BIOS update agent. Implemented as an advanced Windows kernel driver that allowed the WoL feature to be remotely enabled on over 6,000 desktop computers without any technician visits. The solution has been in use for over four years and ultimately evolved into our PowerMAN product and Wake-on-LAN toolset.

High Performance PC Deployment System

Data Synergy deliver High Performance PC Deployment System A UK PC manufacturer was looking to update its legacy production system. The company produce customised computers for major UK customers. A key service offered is the installation of end-customer bespoke operating system images.

Data Synergy’s engineering team worked with the company to design an innovative production system capable of mass deploying bespoke images. The system used high performance delta-file technology build upon the industry standard Microsoft Windows Imaging format.

The project was highly successful, allowing the company to cut installation times to as low as one minute per PC and consequently reduced costs and increased customer fulfilment.

Warranty database for UK importer

Data Synergy delivers Warranty database for UK childcare products importer A large UK importer of childcare products wanted to improve its internal warranty system. This was used to manage returns from multiple UK high street chains and produce high level management reports on costs and product quality issues.

Data Synergy worked with the company to re-factor its existing warranty system and create a unified database back-end for all products and suppliers. The project allowed the company to lower handling costs and more rapidly identify emerging product issues.

Advanced disk tools for major European camera manufacturer

Data Synergy delivers Advanced disk tools for major European camera manufacturer A major European camera manufacturer needed to develop tools for managing digital camera data cards. The company looked at developing an in-house solution but was concerned that this would be a major undertaking and risk significant costs.

Data Synergy was able to help by leveraging our proven DMLIB disk management toolset. Our tools are now used across the manufacturer’s range to reliably format and manage camera data cards.

Web based product catalogue for major UK vendor

Data Synergy delivers Web based product catalogue for major UK vendor A UK computer vendor wanted to offer customers an on-line product information and purchasing catalogue. The company already had an extensive internal database but did not have an online e-commerce presence.

Data Synergy’s team worked with the company to create an innovative, multi-tenant e-commerce system offering everything from product information through to final purchase. We worked alongside a third-party website design company to deliver a visually attractive branded end-user system.

The system has been a huge success for the company and delivered significantly increased sales revenues whilst minimising on-going catalogue maintenance costs.

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